Amphetamine Anorectic, Central Nervous System Stimulant


Methamphetamine oral tablet

Methamphetamine side effects

Adverse Event ReportedReporting Odds RatioCase Count
Accidental poisoning106.2733410
Drug abuse106.26127496
Drug abuser92.12577126
Substance abuse91.4726371
Polysubstance dependence88.503959
Accidental death83.069427
Intentional misuse79.3079141
Drug diversion78.5710315
Exposure via ingestion77.2671148
Pulmonary arterial hypertension61.3181274
Toxicity to various agents32.77104301
Hyperthermia malignant27.234297
Drug screen positive25.3073729
Intentional drug misuse24.87972130
Respiratory depression23.8021634
Respiratory arrest21.4804116
Aortic dissection20.825967
Multiple drug overdose intentional20.7057224
Hepatitis C20.3079630
Drug toxicity19.03987102
Completed suicide18.54394189
Multiple drug overdose17.6528533
Drug withdrawal syndrome neonatal17.5359510
Cardio-respiratory arrest17.18521128
Foetal growth restriction16.276557

Methamphetamine desired effects:

  • Central Nervous System Stimulation
  • Increased Cerebral Cortex Norepinephrine Activity
  • Appetite Suppression
  • Increased Cerebral Cortex Dopamine Activity
  • Increased Sympathetic Activity
  • Bronchodilation

Methamphetamine drug classes:

  • Amphetamine Anorectic
  • Central Nervous System Stimulant

Methamphetamine pharmacologic actions:

  • Central Nervous System Stimulants
  • Dopamine Uptake Inhibitors
  • Adrenergic Uptake Inhibitors
  • Dopamine Agents
  • Sympathomimetics
  • Adrenergic Agents

Methamphetamine mechanism of action:

  • Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors
  • Dopamine Uptake Inhibitors
  • Norepinephrine Uptake Inhibitors
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