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Quick & Easy TB Testing

  • Fast, definitive results in a few days

  • Test nearby at 2000 locations nationwide

  • Schedule your test, in and out in 10 minutes

  • CDC recommended, FDA approved

  • Fast & secure online ordering

  • Chest X-ray prescription if positive

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Contact us at support@treatable.org for any questions or concerns.

Treatable is a network of independent healthcare providers that partner with Quest Diagnostics for lab testing. Our goal is to make TB testing fast and easy at an affordable, transparent price for anyone who needs a test. You don't need to speak with a doctor to get tested for TB. Place your order here on Treatable.org and our healthcare providers will review and send your test order to the local lab. If you have questions you can always call or text us at 859-651-7603

The TB Blood Test covers all the costs for a QuantiFERON®-TB Gold Plus performed at a Quest Diagnostics lab near you including the cost of a clinician to review, approve, and send your order to Quest. You do NOT need to pay at Quest. To check-in at Quest give them your name, birthdate, and photo ID. If you test positive your clinician will prescribe a chest X-ray.

No, our doctors review and approve your lab order form remotely. If you have questions for the doctor you may message them within your account. For non-medical questions please contact support.

Contact support

After you place your order here on Treatable.org, one of our clinicians will approve and send your order to Quest Diagnostics, you will receive a text message when your order is ready at Quest (the clinicians usually approve very quickly!). When you go to your Quest Diagnostics location give them your name, birthdate, and photo ID. If you scheduled a time for your test you will receive a text message with a link to check-in when you arrive.

Treatable accepts Paypal and all major credit cards.

Most Quest Diagnostics locations will allow you to walk-in for testing (only after our clinicians have sent your order!). Sometimes Quest locations get very busy and ask that you schedule an appointment for testing or wait until an opening becomes available. If you're not in a rush to get tested we recommend finding an open appointment time near you. You can check availability near you and schedule the appointment at no extra cost here on Treatable.org.

All your lab test results are posted to your account. We upload the printable PDF results that Quest Diagnostics sends us.

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If you test positive the doctor immediately requests a free follow-up consult to speak with you about a chest X-ray to confirm current infection.

Your order status can be viewed in your account and is updated in realtime.

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Yes, Treatable is HIPAA compliant. We take the security of your patient health information very seriously.

No, your credit card information is encrypted and saved with our credit card processor for processing. Treatable does not store your credit card information.

Yes, all doctors featured on Treatable are fully licensed and insured in the states they practice.

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