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What is COVID-19?

Novel Coronavirus is a new strain of disease in a group of diseases known to affect the respiratory system. COVID-19 is the strain detected in 2019: CO (corona) VI (virus) D (disease) –19 (2019).

The symptoms of COVID are fever, fatigue, loss of smell or taste and a sore throat or chest. Most people experience very mild symptoms, but more serious cases lead to breathing difficulties and inability to move.

As we know very little about what makes the virus more severe in some people, it is important to make sure that even those with minimal symptoms attempt not to spread it. Regular testing is the best way to work out if people are asymptomatic carriers.

Types of tests for COVID-19

There are two main types of COVID tests, a viral test and an antibody test. The viral test is used to test for current infection and the antibody test is used to determine whether someone has had COVID in the past.

The antibody – or antigen – COVID test

The antibody test can tell if your blood contains the antibodies that form after infection or vaccination. If an unvaccinated person has COVID-19 antibodies, they have likely recovered from the disease. This test is therefore used to identify whether someone has had COVID-19 in the past. Some antibody tests can provide a result very quickly, in which case they are known as a rapid molecular assay ('rapid') test.

The newest test for COVID-19 is a blood test. This is a type of antibody test that detects a historical infection.

The viral COVID test

The viral test is used to determine whether someone is currently infected with COVID-19. These look for evidence of the virus in your bodily fluids. There are two types of viral tests, the antibody test and the nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT). The most common NAAT is polymerase chain reaction (PCR), but some testing venues might use transcription mediated amplification (TMA).

Whatever type of NAAT you are given, they are widely regarded as the most accurate method of diagnosing a current infection of COVID-19.

How do they test for COVID-19?

Depending on the test that you complete, a sample can be taken of your blood or respiratory mucus. To collect the mucus sample, a swab is inserted into your nose. It's not painful but it is slightly uncomfortable. The Swab takes a few seconds to complete.

The blood test can be either a finger prick or a small vial of blood. If it is the latter, the blood test will be much like any other blood test you have had before. A nurse will put a needle into your arm and withdraw a tiny amount of blood.

Can I order COVID tests to home?

You can now order COVID tests to your home for a private, quick and easy test that you do yourself. Fill out these triage questions and a doctor will prescribe an at-home COVID test if necessary.

Your results will be analyzed in a lab the same way that they would be if you did your test in person, but you don't have to leave isolation or wait in line. COVID-19 home tests are as accurate as the ones you will find in a COVID clinic anywhere in the country.

Order the COVID antibody test online here at Treatable to find out within 2-4 days whether you have been infected with the virus at any point. You and our online doctors can decide whether the antibody blood test or the PCR test.

How long does it take to get COVID-19 test results?

If you go to a clinic or your doctor, it could be weeks until you get your results back. That's because they have so many people to process from the testing stage to delivering the results.

If you want your test results faster, ordering a COVID test online lets you know within 2-4 days of collection.


How much is the COVID-19 test?

The cost of a COVID test depends on where you get it. In the US, everyone can receive a free COVID test at a pharmacy or health center.

Additionally, many insurers are willing to cover the cost of COVID tests completed elsewhere. If you are worried about not being able to pay for a COVID-19 test, have a search online for a clinic or community center offering free tests.

How accurate are the COVID-19 tests?

Each one is different, but a study conducted earlier this year found that antibody tests are 72% accurate in individuals with symptoms. It also found that they were less (58%) accurate in those without symptoms, and that accuracy was higher when tests were conducted within the first week of symptoms occurring.

The same study found that viral tests for COVID-10 were between 95% and 99% accurate.

What is the rapid COVID-19 test?

The rapid COVID-19 test is a test that gives immediate results. Usually, the test displays result in minutes, but sometimes it can take up to 15 minutes. Rapid COVID-19 tests are done by taking samples from a few inches deep in the throat and nose.

How accurate is the rapid COVID-19 test?

The accuracy of the rapid COVID-19 test is generally less than the PCR. This is because they require more of the virus to accurately detect it. So, if you became infected a while ago or have a mild strain of the disease, you might be more likely to receive a false-negative result.

The rapid COVID test is still regarded as accurate enough, especially at detecting positive cases. Because it is less sensitive, the rapid molecular test has been found to be accurate in over 99% of positive cases.

What is the most accurate COVID-19 test?

Currently, the COVID test considered most accurate is the PCR. The rapid test is very accurate if it produces a positive result, meaning the chance of receiving a false positive is very low.

How long does it take to get COVID-19 test results?

Depending on the type of test you do, you might get your COVID results within 15 minutes. If you get a PCR or antibody test, you will usually have your results within a few days.

Can I test positive for covid-19 after recovering?

If you have already had COVID, an antibody test will be able to detect the virus still. Once you have recovered, it is unlikely that a viral test will give a positive result once the virus has left your body.

Where can I get tested for COVID-19?

You can order a COVID test straight to your door with Treatable. An at-home COVID test is just as reliable as the one taken at your doctors, but you can do it yourself from isolation.

Where can I get tested for COVID-19?

You can either find your nearest health clinic or doctor or order a COVID test straight to your door. An at-home COVID 19 home test is just as reliable as the one you are given at the doctor but ordering online lets you do it in the comfort of your own home.

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